What Are Some Advantages to Having Metal Exterior Stairs?

Some advantages of metal exterior stairs include that they are more durable, very resistant to variable weather conditions, low maintenance and may be easier to install. Another benefit of this material choice for a staircase is that metal offers more design versatility, notes SouthernStaircase.com.

The materials used for exterior stairs are wood, concrete and metal, such as steel and aluminum. When comparing these different materials, metal stairs are more durable, resilient and resistant to damages caused by changing climatic conditions. For example, wood can rot, be damaged by termites and warp. Similarly, although concrete is a strong substance, cracks can develop in this material type.

Metal materials are more flexible than wood or concrete, offering more design options. Metal stairs can be custom-designed into various shapes, such as a spiral or curved designs. Metal staircases can also be good options for indoor applications.

However, there are some differences between steel and aluminum stairs. Steel is very heavy and can require more maintenance than an aluminum staircase. Steel also can require a protective coating to withstand harsh weather conditions, notes MetalArchitecture.com. For these reasons, a pre-fabricated aluminum staircase may be a wise option.

Pre-fabricated aluminum staircases may be easier to install, which can help to keep installation or construction costs down. This material is recyclable and can be low-maintenance because it does not require painting or a sealant to maintain its appearance.