What Are the Advantages of Having a George Foreman Grill at Home?


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The George Foreman grill helps to reduce the fat in foods it cooks and eliminates some of the dangerous chemicals associated with outdoor grilling. The contact grill also serves as a panini press.

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The slanted design of the George Foreman allows fats and liquids cooked from the food to drain into the drip tray. For hamburgers, a substantial amount of fat drips away. With lean cuts of meat, such as chicken breasts, the substance in the tray is primarily liquid. While this reduces the amount of fat when compared to cooking in a normal pan, cooking on an outdoor grill allows about the same amount of fat to drip to the fire, where it burns away; however, without the drip tray, it is more difficult to measure.

There is a concern about the chemicals from smoke from outdoor grilling, as of 2015. Whether the smoke comes from charcoal or burning fat, it increases the risk of certain cancers. The indoor grill eliminates smoke and flare-ups caused by outdoor cooking and keeps the cook safer as he works.

The George Foreman grill has the same type grill marks as a panini press. The adjustable clamshell design allows it to open wide enough to accommodate the sandwich.

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