What Are the Advantages of a Gas Oven?


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Gas ovens are cheaper to use, provide an increased control over cooking, are more durable and less inclined to dry out food than electric ovens. They are also operable even during power outages, as they do not rely on electricity to run, but rather natural gas or propane.

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Gas ovens provide a means of affordable cooking. Long used primarily in commercial kitchens, these ovens are increasingly popular among residential cooks, as of 2015. The appliances offer the cook more control over temperature than electric ovens. For example, gas ovens take little time to warm up, and they stop cooking instantly when turned off. This also makes gas ovens more energy-efficient than electric ovens, resulting in lower energy costs.

In addition to cooking food more evenly than electric ovens, gas ovens provide a moist cooking environment. Since gas lines are available at all times after they are initially installed, cooking is never interrupted by power outages.

Gas ovens require less maintenance than electric ovens and tend to last longer over time. Electric ovens experience significant wear and tear to their heating coils, causing them to need frequent repairs and part replacements, and they often quit working altogether much sooner than their gas counterparts.

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