What Are the Advantages of a Garage Ventilation System?


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A garage ventilation system removes toxic fumes and gases from the garage to improve air quality and prevent serious health issues. Ventilation also helps control the temperature in the garage.

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Running vehicles, woodworking projects, repair jobs and other garage activities generate potentially harmful fumes in an enclosed garage. The build-up of pollutants presents a health hazard to anyone inside the garage. When the garage is attached to the house, the fumes can seep inside and pose a risk, even to those not in the garage.

Ventilation systems draw the air out of the garage. This circulation helps clean the air by pulling the pollutants out of the enclosed space. Garages often include vents that naturally let air flow. Ventilation fans on the outside wall of the garage increase the air circulation. While running, the fan pulls the air out of the garage more quickly. Opening windows and the garage door can help increase the airflow.

In warm weather, a ventilation system helps cool a garage without air conditioning. Without ventilation, the air remains stagnant and hot. While a ventilation fan doesn't drop the temperature below the outside temperature, the moving air does alleviate some discomfort of a hot garage. This allows the homeowner to work more comfortably in the space.

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