What Are the Advantages of a Florida Heat Pump?


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The advantages of a Florida heat pump include reduced operating expenses, an environmentally friendly system and an odorless and flameless unit, which reduces hazards. Florida heat pumps also have a long service life and have been deemed dependable and reliable by consumers.

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Florida heat pumps generate hot water, central air conditioning and heat all from one compact unit, which ultimately provides a more efficient system for all seasons. The closed-loop geothermal heat pump system utilizes the Earth as the means to transfer heat with a mixture of non-toxic antifreeze and water that is pumped through pipes buried beneath the ground.

The energy efficient system provides heat in the winter as groundwater circulates inside sealed piping to absorb heat from the Earth. During warmer temperatures, the system naturally expels heat from the building and returns it through the piping to create a comfortable climate. A Florida heat pump also provides hot water using waste heat that is extracted from interior air. The system is quiet and does not consume the amount of space typically needed for an air conditioner, furnace and hot water heater.

As of 2015, many federal and state government agencies offer tax incentives and cost savings when using a Florida heat pump due to the environmental benefits of renewable energy.

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