What Are Some Advantages of Flexible Hose Plumbing?


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Advantages of flexible hose plumbing include having less chance of leaking or bursting due to extreme temperatures, being quicker to install, its ability to bend around corners without couplings or fittings, and usually having a shut-off valve at each supply line, making repairs more convenient. It resists corrosion, can have a pressure-balanced system and is compatible with metal and PVC piping. It also is less expensive to purchase than copper plumbing.

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Flexible hose piping's resistance to breaking during cold weather and having fewer joints help further reduce its cost by avoiding costly repairs. The ease of installation and use allows more DIY repairs and less reliance on a plumber. Its ability to expand and contract provides it with resistance to bursting. It is resistant to creep formation from long-term exposure to stress and resistant to damage from acids, alkalines and other chemicals that may be present in the plumbing system. Its durability through extreme temperatures makes it well adapted for temperatures from below freezing to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its disadvantages include its sensitivity to UV rays, which mean it cannot be used safely outdoors. It has a shorter shelf life that prevents it from being recyclable, and its impermeable membrane allows possible water contamination.

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