What Are the Advantages of an Electric Stove?

An electric stove in the kitchen offers several advantages, including safety, easy installation, quick cleanup and energy efficiency. In most cases, consumers also find electric stoves are slightly less expensive than comparable gas ranges.

Electric stoves do not require a standing pilot that lights a burner or the oven each time the user turns on the gas. As of 2015, most modern electric stoves have an indicator light to warn the user if the surface is still hot.

Unlike gas stoves, electric units do not require the services of an appliance technician to attach the range to the fuel supply. The consumer moves the stove close to the place of installation, attaches the power cord and plugs it into the outlet ready for use. In rural areas, electric stoves do not require a fuel tank to store propane.

Smooth top electric stoves offer easy cleanup. These units eliminate burner pans that tend to accumulate grease. Once the stovetop is cool, the user wipes down any spills to keep it clean.

The design of the electric cooktop prevents excess heat from escaping into the kitchen and reduces air conditioning load. The elements offer two sizes to match the pan in use. Eliminating the pilot also keeps the kitchen cooler.