What Are the Advantages of a Ducane Air Conditioner?

What Are the Advantages of a Ducane Air Conditioner?

Advantages of Ducane air conditioners include two-stage compressors for efficient performance, heavy-noise insulation for quiet operations and extended warranties covering a variety of performance issues. Ducane air conditioners have a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and the Energy Star label to certify the energy efficiency capabilities of the unit.

Different Ducane air conditioner models are fitted with different features, and may have different advantages. One of the advantages of using Ducane air conditioners is the high-energy efficiency capabilities, which result in lower energy bills.

With Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings of up to 18.0, Ducane air conditioners considerably exceed the minimum 13.0 rating set by the government. This is also supported by the Energy Star certification on most models, qualifying users for tax credits depending on local environmental laws.

With two-stage compressors, some models are able to operate at a lower setting most of the time, and automatically adjust to higher settings when the temperatures increase. This ensures that the air conditioners use less energy and produce less noise and humidity. The compressors are covered with heavy-duty sound blankets that reduce the amount of noise produced.

This brand of air conditioners requires little annual maintenance since the fan motor remains permanently lubricated. Using Ducane air conditioners is advantageous because the units undergo extensive quality testing to ensure that users receive high-quality units. The air conditioners also come with warranties of up to 10 years on compressors.