What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Extra-Small Bathtubs?


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Some advantages of extra-small bathtubs include potential savings during purchase compared to larger tubs, the ability to install the tub into smaller rooms and spaces as well as reducing water usage during baths. Some disadvantages include limited style selections, inability to fit larger occupants and potential discomfort over continued use.

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One significant benefit of an extra-small bathtub is that it allows home owners to install a tub in small rooms that otherwise would require a standing shower or not be able to support a bathing facility at all. The tubs typically appear as squares or short rectangles, sometimes with high walls to allow it to hold more water despite the size. Some models of extra-small tubs may also carry a lower retail price compared to full-size or extra-larger tubs, offering home owners more budgetary flexibility during bathroom renovations along with options to create custom coverings and encasing. The smaller size of the tubs also mean they require less water to fill, thus reducing water usage and bills.

Many retailers may not offer a wide selection of extra-small tubs, with some failing to offer any choices, making it harder for some home owners to find them. The small size also makes it uncomfortable or impossible for taller occupants to use due to the lack of horizontal space. Depending on the frequency of use and size of the occupant, the tubs may also lead to general discomfort during extended usage periods.

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