What Are the Advantages of Countertop Soap Dispensers?


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Mounted countertop soap dispensers conveniently eliminate the need to replace empty soap bottles and are a great option in homes where the hand soap often goes missing. Advantages of automatic countertop soap dispensers include lower risk of cross-contamination from multiple people touching the pump and less soap wasted because they dispense the perfect amount each use. Manual countertop dispensers can be a lower-maintenance option because they do not require periodic battery changes, although they require more frequent cleaning.

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Some families prefer manual countertop soap dispensers because they never run out of battery power and are less likely to malfunction due to their simpler design. Their downside is that they are prone to contamination with viruses, bacteria and other health hazards due to numerous people touching them with their dirty hands. To prevent the spread of illnesses, manual dispensers require thorough cleaning on a regular basis. Some people also prefer the more traditional appearance of manual dispensers and the way they allow for more control over the amount of soap dispensed.

Conversely, families with more modern home designs may prefer the modern look of an automatic dispenser. These motion-activated dispensers keep germ-sharing to a minimum, making them a practical solution in homes and other environments where there are a lot of small children. They also help cut back on soap spills by children because they dispense only a small amount of soap at a time.

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