What Are the Advantages of a Coleman Split-System Air Conditioner?


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Coleman split-system air conditioners provide indoor comfort throughout the home when temperatures outside are hot and the air is humid. These systems offer a quiet way to remove heat and humidity throughout the house. These systems are traditional central cooling units and should not be confused with mini-split air conditioning.

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Coleman air conditioners cool the air. As the liquid refrigerant travels through the cooling coils, it absorbs heat and becomes a gas. This gas returns to the compressor unit outside the home. The refrigerant travels through a set of condenser coils that remove the heat. A compressor converts the refrigerant back to a liquid to start the refrigeration cycle again.

As the unit cools the air from the home, its capacity to hold water, in the form of humidity, decreases. The water vapor condenses on the coils and drips into a pan under the cooling coils. A drain carries this excess water away from the unit, lowering the humidity level in the home while increasing the comfort of occupants.

Split-system air conditioners are quiet. The loud compressor unit is outside the home and the quiet central air handler is away from the living space. The cool air passes through a system of ducts that distribute it throughout the home. The homeowner can have these systems added to an existing central heating system to ensure comfort all year.

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