What Are the Advantages of Buying Used Pavers?


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An advantage of buying used pavers is that they are less expensive than new ones. Older pavers can also add an older look to existing landscaping. Pavers can sometimes be had for free if you take them up yourself. Even partial or chipped pavers can be used for a variety of fun landscaping projects.

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Old brick can be used for an authentic, old-fashioned look. These bricks are often salvaged from tear-downs or remodels of older homes. Sometimes the bricks come from the remaining foundation but are still in great shape. Since only so many matching used pavers may be available, multiple types of pavers can be used to make creative patterns and landscapes. Older pavers may look different than what is most commonly available now, so you may be able to create a one-of-a-kind look at your home or business.

Purchasing used pavers can also allow you to have more money to buy specialty pavers such as stepping stones for an even more unique look. Pavers can be painted with different designs. Recycling used pavers into other projects is good for the environment as well because resources are not used to create new pavers. Craigslist is an excellent place to look for used pavers.

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