What Are the Advantages of Buying Used Heat Pumps?


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Used heat pumps are generally available at a significant discount compared to newer units. Additionally, homeowners that were pleased with their previous heat pump may find a used replacement of the same model to ensure similar functionality.

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Older heat pumps vary in size considerably, so a compartment designed to hold a specific heat pump may be difficult to change to accommodate a different model. Purchasing a used heat pump can allow homeowners to avoid having to pay for constructing a new stand or enclosure.

However, newer heat pumps are far more efficient than older units, and their efficiency gains have outstripped gains for other types of heating devices. The cost of new heat pumps is significantly higher than older heat pumps, but the cost savings sometimes make up for this difference in a short period of time.

Homeowners may encounter problems with compatibility and reliability when purchasing used heat pumps. Even certified used heat pumps may have problems that go undetected, which may cause the homeowner to purchase a new unit. Certified used heat pumps can also develop problems that require a part that's no longer manufactured. However, these problems can be avoided by purchasing a used but still relatively new heat pump. Like many items, heat pumps drop in value considerable even after just a few years, so the best price and efficiency may be found on a used unit.

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