What Are the Advantages of Buying an Acrylic Tub Shower Versus a Fibreglass Tub Shower?


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Fibreglass bathtubs are prone to cracking and come with a semi-glass finish that can fade. On the other hand, acrylic bathtubs are scratch and crack resistant with a long lasting glossy finish.

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When shopping for bathtubs, it is important to note that fibreglass bathtubs may also be labeled for sale as "FRP" bathtubs, which stands for "Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic." Additionally, acrylic bathtubs actually use fibreglass sheets at their core to reinforce the outer layers of acrylic which are vacuum formed. This makes an acrylic bathtub a stronger, more resilient option than a bathtub made strictly from fibreglass.

Acrylic tubs also have the advantage of coming in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, which fibreglass bathtubs cannot claim to do. In some projects, this may give acrylic bathtubs the edge over the available fibreglass options. Despite the advantages of an acrylic bathtub, fibreglass bathtubs are inexpensive and when on a tight budget, may provide a short-term solution. However, in the long run, the fibreglass bathtub's finish will become less glossy and make it difficult to maintain a clean looking bathtub. Fibreglass bathtubs are also lighter in weight than acrylic bathtubs, which may be important in a bathroom depending on the structure of its location.

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