What Are the Advantages of Building a Log Cabin From a Kit?


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Two advantages log home kits offer are that they accommodate owners with differing levels of construction expertise, and they are inexpensive relative to most houses. Kits vary significantly in price as well as skill level required. The most rudimentary log home kit consists of nothing but walls, but most provide a structural shell. Prebuilt log homes are also available.

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Log home kits start at roughly $3,000 as of 2014, making them an attractive option for people who want to own their own homes but cannot afford or are unwilling to shoulder a mortgage. The kits are marketed toward people who are interested in building their own homes but lack extensive construction skills and experience. Some companies even offer a service in which they build the log cabin and ship it to the desired location. Quality varies significantly among kits, though many companies offer on-site assistance for any issues that arise in the future.

Building a log home from scratch can be even less expensive than using a kit. Logs that have not been milled or manufactured are significantly cheaper than those provided in kits. In the hands of a skilled contractor or builder, these materials are used to build extremely sturdy houses. However, this requires much more experience than is necessary to build a home from a kit.

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