What Are Some Advantages of Baseboard Heaters?


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A good baseboard heater is cheap to run, easy to install, quiet and easy to maintain. Baseboard heaters are an especially attractive option for people who are retrofitting a house, as central heating can be difficult and expensive to install.

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Although a baseboard heater may take a longer time to reach the desired temperature than some other forms of heating, once that temperature is achieved it automatically holds the temperature without requiring a lot of power. Each heater's thermostat can be set independently, so different parts of the house can be heated to different levels, allowing for even more savings.

As baseboard heaters are independent, they do not require ducting and a furnace. This makes installation a simple matter compared to central heating. A professional can mount the heaters and connect them to the household power supply. They can then be painted or decorated as per the manufacturers' instructions, allowing them to blend in to the background.

Baseboard heaters rely on convection to draw cold air in and release warm air out. This means they do not have fans or motors which can cause a lot of noise. Other than setting the baseboard heaters' thermostats when needed, the only other maintenance they require is a light dusting or occasional cleaning.

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