What Are the Advantages of an Automatic Garden Hose Reel?


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Cleanliness, easiness and time efficiency are all advantages of using an automatic garden hose reel. Most automatic garden hose reels are one-touch, retracting the hose into a storage system.

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Using a hose causes water to create mud spots in yard and garden, which in turn get onto the hose itself. An automatic hose reel retracts a hose hands-free so no dirt is left on the user. Carrying a heavy hose for long periods of time or back to the reel can be tiring, and hoses get tangled. Automatic reels have release and retract buttons that require no human use but safely store hoses without kinking in a storage device. Jobs that require a hose are much faster with an automatic system that releases and retracts a hose at the push of a button.

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