What Advantages Does the American Harvest Jet Stream Oven Offer Over a Microwave Oven?


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The American Harvest Jet Stream Oven features a six in one cooking system that makes a variety of high-quality foods as fast as a microwave oven. With cyclonic cooking technology, the oven produces tender meat and vegetables and fluffy baked items. An optional expander ring allows users to increase the oven capacity, large enough to fit a turkey.

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The Nesco Jet Stream 2 Oven, JS-5000T, offers a patented cyclonic system featuring a high-speed fan to circulate hot air that cooks food faster than conventional and convection ovens. In addition to air fry, the oven offers roast, grill, broil, bake and steam cooking options. The oven timer is programmable up to 99 minutes with auto off while oven temperature ranges between 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The JS-5000T model comes with a cooking rack, a non-stick baking plate, a glass viewing lid and a liner pan. The oven’s digital keypad allows users to set the fan speed, cooking temperature and cooking time. The oven features an efficient convection fan, a halogen element and Bisphenol A-free cooking pan.

The Nesco Jet Stream Oven, JS-4000TP, features a direct-drive motor and a red LED display that includes a three-hour digital quartz timer. The oven is made of heat-resistant, high-tech plastic and includes dishwasher-safe parts.

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