What Are the Advantages of an Amana Bottom Freezer Over a Regular Freezer?


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The major advantages that Amana refrigerators with freezers located at the bottom have over regular side-by-side or top-freezer models are space efficiency and convenience in retrieving frequently consumed foods. This is true of all brands with bottom freezers. This refrigerator-freezer layout also helps reduce perishable waste.

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Items stored in crispers are typically consumed more often than those stored in freezers. When the freezer of a refrigerator is at the bottom, the vegetable crisper is higher, putting it within convenient reach and reducing body strain. A crisper at the bottom is also more likely to be overlooked, so vegetables are more likely to go bad.

One benefit a bottom-mount refrigerator shares with a top-mount freezer model, but which a side-by-side does not possess, is the room to store wider items such as pizzas in both the freezer and the fridge itself. Side-by-side models have less room horizontally due to their two-door design.

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