What Advantages Does an Aluminum Drip Edge Have Over Other Metals?


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Some advantages of aluminum drip edges are affordability, weight, durability and pliability. Aluminum as a material is generally far cheaper than copper and galvanized steel, and although the latter two are more durable, the cost of them may outweigh the potential benefits. Aluminum drip edges are comparable in durability to copper and steel but are far less expensive, which makes them appealing to consumers looking to save.

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Aluminum is also significantly lighter than copper or steel, which not only makes it easier to install and therefore less expensive but also has the added benefit of reducing the amount of stress on the structure itself. Although it is already relatively durable, the life span of aluminum can be further increased with affordable finishes that can be applied directly to the metal.

Aluminum is also significantly more pliable and flexible than other more expensive products on the market. That, coupled with its reduced weight and cost, means that do-it-yourself consumers can install the material on their own rather than having to hire professionals. Galvanized steel and copper requires professional installation, as the material is significantly more difficult to work with for the untrained homeowner. Furthermore, the pliability of aluminum means that it can also be installed over previously installed trim, which adds another level of convenience to the material.

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