What Is the Advantage of Using a Top Load LG Washer?


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LG's new top-load washer design has several advantages, including an easy-to-reach control panel, more drum space for larger loads and an efficient cold water wash system. The new machine also has a sleeker look and is quieter than previous models.

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The first thing customers notice is the control panel on the top-front portion of the machine. It sits flush to the lid and is visible whether the lid is open or closed. The control panel has a digital display and easy-touch buttons. The surface is water and spill proof, so detergent spills wipe up easily.

Instead of an agitator, that spinning column usually located in the middle of the washer drum, the LG top-load washer uses its WaveForce technology. This combines a rapidly moving drum with water jets to wash and rinse clothes. The lack of an agitator frees up more drum space, and the WaveForce system provides a deep clean, even when washing in cold water. LG patented its ColdWash technology, which works in harmony with WaveForce.

The LG top-load washer also has a built-in anti-vibration system, called LG TrueBalance. It reduces vibration, even on upstairs floors. Combined with the SlamProof Lid, the LG patented inventions make the washer much quieter.

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