What Is an Advantage of Having a Bottom Freezer?

What Is an Advantage of Having a Bottom Freezer?

A bottom freezer on a refrigerator, as an increasingly popular design according to a HowStuffWorks.com article, confers several advantages. It generally provide more refrigerator space, better efficiency and greater convenience.

Refrigerator models that place the built-in freezer on the bottom of the appliance are conveniently laid out. Freezer items are usually used less frequently than refrigerator items, so placing the refrigerator compartment at eye-level is ergonomically beneficial.

Additionally, having a refrigerator compartment that is the entire width of the unit permits easy storage of large objects, such as party trays, turkeys and pizza boxes. Refrigerator models with a bottom freezer typically have one, two or three doors for the upper compartment and a single pull-out drawer for the lower.

Thermodynamics dictates that hot air rises while cold air drops. Placing the freezer below the refrigerator compartment allows the upper area to reinforce the refrigeration, creating a more efficient system.

One major disadvantage of a refrigerator model with a bottom-mounted freezer is that these units are typically more expensive than traditional refrigerator layouts. Sears, which features models for at least 12 brands of refrigerators of all styles, has bottom-freezer models that range in price from $800 to $7,500; in contrast, side-by-side and upper freezer models run from $436 to $8,550.