What Are the Advanatages and Disadvantages of Genovations PVC Decking?


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Genovations PVC decking is easy to install, cooler, stronger and lighter than other decking products, but also has disadvantages, including the accumulation of debris in the hollow sections of the design. In addition, using rubber or vinyl products on the deck for a prolonged period damages the surface. Genovations PVC decking consists of 100 percent polyvinyl chloride, which allows the manufacturer to offer multiple color and design options. This decking is also low maintenance.

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The deck boards have grooves that make installation easy. The manufacturer also offers detailed installation instructions for the material on its website. The hollow design of the boards allows heat to dissipate easily. Free flow of air in the channels also helps in cooling the deck. The design also reduces the weight of the deck because the boards require less material than in fully solid styles. Using polyvinyl chloride and a sturdy design makes the decking strong.

Genovations PVC decking is low maintenance. The decking does not fade, stain, mold, crack or warp mainly due to the material component, polyvinyl chloride. Also, the decking does not absorb water, sag or require fasteners.

While the hollow design of Genovations PVC decking contributes to the advantages of the material, it increases the chance that debris, including snow, accumulate in the channels. The buildup prevents the free flow of air and traps heat in the deck. Genovations also warns against using vinyl or rubber products on the surface of its decking products for prolonged periods. Additives in the vinyl and rubber items tend to transfer to Genovations PVC decking, causing significant damage.

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