How Do You Adjust Toilet Water Level?

The water level in a toilet bowl tank can either be lowered or raised by making adjustments to the float that triggers the fill valve to stop the flow of water into the tank. The two common types of float triggers are the fill valve float that slides up and down on the side of the fill valve and the ball cock float, which is a ball float that is connected to a horizontal rod to the fill valve.

The ideal water level in toilet bowl tanks is usually indicated by a line marking somewhere inside the tank. Even in toilet bowl tanks without water level markings, the water should fill up to near the top of the vertical tube that is part of most toilet bowl tank mechanism.

The following shows the basic ways of adjusting the water level in toilet bowl tanks.

Sliding fill valve floats

  1. Locate a retaining clip or a screw device that holds the float in place.
  2. Loosen the clip or the screw.
  3. Adjust the float higher to increase the water level or lower to decrease it.

Ball cock float

  1. Locate the screw that connects the ball and the rod to the fill valve.
  2. Turn the screw to see how if it either raises or lowers the ball cock.
  3. Turn the screw either to lower or raise the ball cock. Just like with the sliding float, a higher setting will raise the water level and vice versa.