How Do You Adjust a Refrigerator Door?

adjust-refrigerator-door Credit: Thanasis Zovoilis/Moment/Getty Images

To adjust a refrigerator door, level the refrigerator with a spirit level and turn the door adjustment screw either clockwise or counter-clockwise to raise or lower the misaligned door. This adjustment procedure may vary from one model of a refrigerator to another.

Ensure that the refrigerator sits level by placing a spirit level on the top of the refrigerator. If necessary, remove the grill and adjust the way the refrigerator sits on the ground by turning its leveling legs until the level bubble moves to the middle of the lines. Once the refrigerator sits level, the door should be checked for misalignment. To do this, feel the door by running a hand across the top of a single door refrigerator. For side-by-side refrigerator doors, running a hand between the front corners of the doors helps to check if the doors are misaligned.

If the door is found to be misaligned, the adjustment screw needs to be located. It is usually found where the bottom door hinge attaches to the refrigerator body. Using a suitable wrench, turn the adjustment screw clockwise to raise a sagging door. If the door is higher than necessary, lower it by turning the adjustment screw counter-clockwise.