How Do You Adjust the Programming of a Thermostat?


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To adjust the programming of a thermostat, press the Program button, or push Set repeatedly until the screen allows you to choose a Wake time for each morning. Press the up and down arrows to set the time.

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Study the manual for the system, as different thermostat models may have distinct settings that require specific programming procedures. When adjusting the programming, set the time for around 15 to 30 minutes before the household is active. Some thermostats set separate schedules for weekdays and weekends, whereas others enable a separate schedule for each day to be created.

After creating a schedule, push Set or Program to select a temperature. Push the up and down arrows until the desired temperature is set. Check if the thermostat model allows a separate temperature range and wake time to be set for summer and winter, as this removes the need to program repeatedly every season.

Next, choose leave, return and sleep times and temperatures. Save energy by setting higher leave temperatures during summer and lower leave temperatures during winter. Pick a temperature the system won’t reach if you prefer to keep the system from running when no-one is at home. Then press Run to start the system; some thermostat models automatically follow the new schedule and don’t have a Run button.

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