How Do You Adjust Outlets to Be Flush With the New Tile?


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To extend an outlet to be flush with new tile or stone, turn off the electricity, pull the outlet out of the wall, attach an outlet extender, replace and cover the outlet, and turn on the electricity. This project requires a screwdriver and an outlet extender.

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Turn off the electrical supply, and unscrew the outlet's cover plate. Set the cover and screws aside, and gently pull the outlet out of the wall without disconnecting the wires. Slip an outlet extender over the outlet.

Set the outlet back in the wall opening, and push it back until only about 1/4 inch of the extender protrudes from the wall. Adjust the outlet until it is flush with the surrounding tile, and then screw the extender and outlet together. Replace the outlet cover, fasten it with screws, and reconnect the power supply.

Installing an outlet extender is the safest and most effective way to make an outlet flush with new tile, according to Today's Homeowner. Home improvement stores such as Home Depot sell these devices in a variety of shapes, colors and materials. One popular model, the Carlon Multi-Gang Non-Metallic Box Extender, is a PVC extender that comes with two mounting brackets. This extender may be used alone or linked with up to four other units to extend five-gang outlets.

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