How Do You Adjust a Murray Mower Deck?

Adjusting a Murray mower deck requires the cover to be removed, the lift lever to be moved and locked in place, the knobs to be adjusted, and the spark plug to be replaced. This simple process allows a homeowner to cut the lawn to the desired length and keep it even throughout.

Adjusting a Murray mower deck is a simple process that requires no tools. First, the hood needs to be opened and the spark plug wire removed from the spark plug. This keeps the engine off during the adjustment and helps to prevent injuries. Next, the individual must locate the lift lever track and remove the cover. After removing the cover, the next step is to grasp the lift lever and move it into the deck adjustment position. The lever should lock into place. Now that the adjuster knobs are exposed, they need to be loosened, the linkages need to be pushed down and the knobs need to be tightened. Once the mower deck is adjusted, the lift lever must be moved back to its original position and the cover placed back on the lift lever track. Finally, the spark plug wire can be replaced and the hood of the mower can be lowered.