How Do You Adjust Light Timer Controls?


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To adjust light timer controls, first make sure that the timer is in the correct mode. Then, turn the dial so the pointer indicates first the current time, and then the time that the light should go on and off.

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Light timers have two modes. They are either set to "on," which gives off continuous light, or "timer," which restricts light to certain hours of the day. The timer must be in timer mode in order to adjust the controls.

To set the timer, locate the dial surrounded by numbers. Note the pointer at the end, and direct it to the current time. Find the tabs that indicate the hours in the day. Depress each tab that indicates when the lights should be on. For example, if the lights should turn on at 7 p.m. and turn off at 7 a.m., all the tabs located between these two times should be pushed.

Light timers have many advantages, the most obvious one being monetary savings caused by decreased use of electricity. Additionally, it extends the life of light sources and provides levels of lighting that are appropriate to the time of day. Light timers also take the responsibility of turning off the lights off of each person in the household or company.

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