How Do You Adjust Your Lawn Sprinkler Heads?

To adjust your lawn sprinkler heads, turn the sleeve screws of rotary and spray-type sprinklers appropriately, and use the stop clamps of impact sprinklers, using a screwdriver or pliers, to adjust the arc width. To adjust the radius of spray of rotary sprinklers, rotate the adjustment screw appropriately.

For rotary sprinklers, browse the system's information sheet to know which screws need adjustment to set the arc width and the spray radius. To reduce or increase the spray radius, use a screwdriver with a flat head to rotate the corresponding screw in the clockwise or counter-clockwise directions, respectively. When adjusting for the first time, loosen the screw completely, and tighten slowly till you achieve the desired radius.

For adjusting the arc width, grip the sleeve of the sprinkler, turn its head fully to a side, and then to the stop point or the side mentioned by the manufacturer. Next, rotate the sleeve to align it with the spot where the water sprinkle is to start. To make the arc narrower or wider, turn on the water supply, and rotate the screw counter-clockwise or clockwise, respectively.

In case of spray-type sprinklers, identify a screw with a single slot at the head's center. Then, turn on the water supply, rotate the sleeve, grip it, and rotate the screw clockwise to increase the arc width and counter-clockwise to decrease it.

For an impact sprinkler, bring the head of the system towards the left and in alignment with the lawn's left side. Using pliers, press the stop clamps, and turn so that they rest on the tab that extends downward from the system's head. Adjust the clamps on the head's right side in a similar manner.