How Do You Adjust Interior Doors?


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To adjust an interior door, begin with examining the door hinges. If they are intact, mark the areas that stick, and unscrew the door from the frame. Sand or plane the affected areas, and repaint them. Place the door back in its original position, and test for any obstruction.

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  1. Examine the door hinges

    Examine the door hinges before taking any action. Tighten all loose hinge screws, and hammer the loose hinge pins. If the hinges are loose because of an old wooden frame, move the hinges to new positions on the frame. After replacing the hinges, sand and re-varnish the old hinge marks. If the whole edge of the door near the knob obstructs the opening and closing, tighten the hinges.

  2. Mark the areas that stick

    Weather and age can impact how smoothly the door and the frame come together. Excess paint can also cause doors to stick. Examine the door, and mark areas where the obstruction occurs with a pencil.

  3. Sand down the sticky areas

    Unscrew the door from its frame, and sand down the sticky areas using sand paper. Get help from an expert if necessary to make sure all sticky areas have been removed. Repaint the affected areas, and screw the door back on the hinges.

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