How Do You Adjust a Garage Door?

How Do You Adjust a Garage Door?

Adjust a garage door so it opens and closes correctly by locating the adjustment screws, adjusting the screws and testing the door. Continue adjusting the screws until the door stops when the seal contacts the floor.

  1. Locate the adjustment screws

    The screws are on the box containing the drive motor. Place a stepladder under the opener, and look for screws with up and down labels. Some manufacturers label the screws "Open and Close." Have a helper stabilize the ladder while you work, and do not stand on the top two steps.

  2. Adjust the screws

    Adjust the appropriate screw to correct the problem using a flathead screwdriver. Turn it counterclockwise to lower the location where the door stops and clockwise to raise it. Each one-half to full turn adjusts the door by 2 to 3 inches. Some manufacturers do not use adjustment screws but have tabs on the door track that the owner adjusts to ensure proper closing of the door.

  3. Test the door

    Step down from the ladder, and press the button to close the door. Adjusting the door requires some trial and error to determine the amount of adjustment each turn of the screw makes. Run the door through a complete up and down cycle before making another adjustment.