How Do You Adjust a Frigidaire Oven Door?

A Frigidaire oven door is adjusted by replacing the door hinges, changing the door springs and replacing the gasket. The exact adjustment steps required depend on the specific causes of the oven door problems.

Appliance owners are advised to turn off the gas and unplug their ovens before adjusting the oven door. Worn hinges are a common cause when an oven door does not close properly. Appliance owners should pull the door straight up and out. This releases the door from its hinges. The door hinges should be inspected and replaced with identical ones if faulty. To reattach the door, push it down to lock the hinges.

Broken springs is another common cause of oven door problems. Springs are typically located at the bottom of the oven. Appliance owners should remove the bottom drawer to access the springs, and inspect them for damage. The broken springs should be replaced with identical ones and secured around their respective bolts. Oven door springs wear over time, making them prone to breakage.

A worn gasket can also cause the oven door not to close properly. Appliance owners should inspect the gasket and replace it if needed to fix the problem. This is done by prying one section loose using a flathead screwdriver and pulling the rest of the material off. The gasket should be replaced with an identical one.