How Do You Adjust EarthWay Spreader Settings?


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EarthWay fertilizer spreaders come in one of two varieties: broadcast or drop spreaders. Both types of spreaders have a convenient lever mounted on the handle that controls the spreading rate.

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To determine the correct setting for your EarthWay spreader, consult with the fertilizer manufacturer's instructions, as well as the EarthWay spreader's owner's manual. Once you determine the size of the area that you want to fertilize, use the owner's manual to determine how many pounds of fertilizer you need.

When deciding on what type of EarthWay spreader to purchase, choose whether you want a broadcast or a drop spreader. A broadcast spreader uses a spinning disc to throw the fertilizer out in a large arc around the front and sides of the spreader. A drop spreader drops the fertilizer between the wheels of the spreader, so you have more precise control of where exactly the fertilizer falls.

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