How Do You Adjust a Dixon Mower?

Adjust a Dixon mower by first removing the locking nuts on the Allen-head pivot bolts at the rear of the transmission. Loosen the outside lock nuts on the torque rods and remove the old gap. Square the discup and set the neutral gap. Once the transmission is adjusted, check to see if the control rods are properly adjusted.

After loosening the lock nuts on the pivot bolts and torque rods, by turning the torque rod twice for every turn of the pivot bolt, turn the Allen-head pivot bolt and the inner-torque rod. Stop turning them when the discup is locked on the cone. After the discup and cone are locked together, ensure the discup is perpendicular with the back frame of the transmission.

Set the neutral gap by slightly loosening the adjustment bolts until the cones and cups have a slight drag. Give the pivot bolt one-third of a turn and the T-rod nut one-half of a turn. Ensure the space between the neutral rod lock-and-spring nut contains approximately five threads. Turn the upper spring nut until the neutral gap is divided between both cones.

If done properly, the mower should drive relatively straight. If the mower is swaying or not driving relatively straight, the machine may contain excessively worn or broken parts. It is therefore essential to check the mower’s springs, rear pivot belts, bell crank pivots, ball joints, rods and bearings before undertaking the adjustment process.