How Do I Adjust a Crooked Door?

Although the adjustment technique to fix a crooked door can vary, most crooked doors can be fixed in a few simple steps. The required tools are a screwdriver, some screws, a drill and possibly a sander.

  1. Tighten all hinge screws and check if the problem is fixed

    Tighten all hinge screws using the screwdriver. If the door is still crooked, determine the position where the door is rubbing against the door frame or the jamb.

  2. Replace the existing screws with longer screws

    Remove the middle screw from the hinge corresponding to the area where the door is rubbing against the jamb. Force a long screw, about one inch longer than the original, into the jamb using the drill. Once drilled in, tighten the screw using the screwdriver.

  3. Smooth the door by sanding

    If the steps described above do not fix the crookedness, you might need to sand the door. Remove the door from its hinges and sand the edge rubbing against the jamb. Start with 50-grit sandpaper, moving onto the 80-grit paper and finally the 120-grit paper to smooth the door over the edges. Sanding the door is the most efficient and straightforward approach to fixing a crooked door, according to Popular Mechanics.