What Adhesive Should You Use for Tiling a Pool?


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Tile adhesive that contains fiberglass, silicone or Portland cement is typically used to tile pools. The materials used to construct the pool and the manufacturer's recommendations must be considered when choosing an adhesive.

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Fiberglass-based adhesives are often used to tile fiberglass pools or pool inserts as a lightweight alternative to cement. Silicone-based pool adhesives are also suitable for tiling fiberglass pools and may be used to tile cement pools. Portland cement-based adhesives are strong and durable and can be used in pools, spas, and on decks and patios surrounding the pool. Cement-based adhesives can be used to tile cement pools, but they may not be appropriate for fiberglass pools or spas. Checking the label on the adhesive can determine which adhesive is the most appropriate for a given installation.

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