How Do You Get Adhesive Off of Clothes?

Remove adhesive from clothes by scraping off the large pieces, setting a wet absorbent pad on the area and washing the garments. This takes only a few minutes plus time for a washing cycle. You need absorbent pads, a scraping tool, Afta Cleaning Fluid, laundry detergent and a washing machine.

  1. Scrape off the big pieces

    Remove the big, gummy adhesive pieces by scraping them off of the clothing with a scraping tool or your fingernails. Scrape off as much as possible.

  2. Prepare the absorbent pad

    Purchase some Afta Cleaning Fluid. Soak an absorbent cleaning pad with solution.

  3. Sponge the area with the solution

    Work the Afta Cleaning Fluid into the sticky area with a sponge or cloth.

  4. Apply the absorbent pad to the sticky spot

    Place the prepared absorbent pad over the spot with the adhesive on it.

  5. Allow the spot to soak

    Leave the pad in place, allowing the spot to soak for several minutes, until the fluid has dried and evaporated completely.

  6. Wash the garment

    Place the garment in a washing machine. Launder it as usual to remove the cleaning fluid.

  7. Check on the spot

    Once the item is clean, check the spot for any remaining traces of adhesive.