How Do You Add and Wire a 110-Volt Electrical Outlet?

To add and wire a 110-volt electrical outlet, turn off the power, cut the hole for the new electrical box, pull out the electrical cable and attach the wires to the outlet. Consult an electrician to wire the new outlet to the circuit breaker.

When adding a new outlet, follow all local codes and ordinances and follow proper safety precautions. Consult a licensed electrician with questions. To add a 110-volt electrical outlet, follow these steps below.

  1. Turn off the power
  2. Before beginning any electrical work, turn off the power at the main panel, and ensure the power is off by using a voltmeter to check the wires.

  3. Mount the new outlet box
  4. Measure for the location of the new outlet box, ensuring that the new box is at least 18 inches from the floor and next to a stud. Cut a hole for the new box and drill down through the floor to access the electrical wires underneath.

  5. Pull out the wires
  6. Connect fish tape to the electrical cable and pull the cable through the hole and into the room.

  7. Connect the wires
  8. Strip the cable's outer insulation, pull the cable into the electrical box and tighten the clamp. Connect the copper wire to the green grounding screw, and tighten the box to the wall. Connect the white wire to the silver screw on the outlet, the black wire to the brass screw on the outlet and the copper wire to the green grounding screw on the outlet.

  9. Consult an electrician
  10. Screw the outlet into the housing and attach the face plate. Contact a licensed electrician to connect the outlet to the main breaker box.