How Do You Add Glitter to Interior Paint?

Glitter can be added to interior wall paint by either mixing it into an existing color of paint or adding a glitter finishing top coat to a dried coat of interior paint. To mix the glitter, make sure to buy paint application glitter that has been designed to mix well with paint. Mix in small batches, and use a paint mixer to evenly distribute the glitter. Additionally, sheer glitter top coat can be added to any clean dried painted surface.

Mixing the paint in small batches makes it easier to evenly distribute the glitter without it settling on the bottom and ensures that it mixes into all portions of the paint in the can. Decide what ratio of paint to glitter is desired, and then use this same ratio when mixing each batch, or some parts of the interior will have more glitter than others.

Be careful to remix the paint every several minutes to prevent the glitter from either rising to the top or falling to the bottom over time. If a paint mixer is unavailable, use a mixing attachment on a drill.

When applying a glittery top coat, use painter's tape to protect any wall trim, doorways or other accessories. After applying the top coat, remove the painter's tape.