How Do You Add a Curved Interior Wall?


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Build a curved interior wall by building a curved framework and bending flexible material around it. The framework requires curved ceiling and floor plates, which carpenters often cut from plywood and stack to a 1 1/2-inch thickness, and spacing studs closer than the normal 16-inch centers.

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The curved wall is usually the arc of a circle that connects two straight walls. Larger circles make it easier for the carpenter to bend the wall covering. Thin materials, such as 1/4-inch wallboard or thin wood paneling, are often the materials of choice for the curved wall. If the builder chooses thicker material, he must often cut slots on the backside of it, called kerfing, which provides the necessary give to make the bend. The additional studs provide more points of attachment for the cover, which it requires due to the additional stress from making the curve. Screws are usually a better choice than nails for attaching the skin to the wall.

While curved walls make a room more visually interesting, they also add to the expense of building as they require more materials and labor. Carpenters generally mill the plates on site, and cutting the curve from the plywood leaves large scraps for which there is no other use.

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