How Do You Add a Chic Boho Look to Your Bedroom?

To create a chic boho look for a bedroom, gather fabrics, accessories and furniture that are vintage and vibrant, then use them to decorate the room. A chic boho look requires unusual styles that draw on different cultures.

  1. Start by choosing a color theme

    Boho bedrooms rarely feature plain colors such as white or cream. Instead, focus on warm earthy tones, vibrant metallic colors and electric shades. Aim to work against conventional color pairings by choosing colors that clash.

  2. Purchase boho textiles, furniture and accessories

    Boho textiles usually have a worn look. Aim for textiles and furniture that are retro. It's possible to find retro pieces in thrift and vintage stores. If it isn't possible to find everything the bedroom needs at once, gather the collection over a few shopping trips. When choosing accessories, try items that are both ornate and mismatched. The aim of a chic boho theme is to create an individual and jumbled image, while ensuring the items are still aesthetically pleasing.

  3. Assemble each purchase in the bedroom

    With a color scheme, textiles, furniture and accessories in place, it's time to assemble each purchase in the bedroom. A chic boho theme is never uniform. To avoid this, try a little disorganization.