How Do You Add a 60 Amp Breaker in Your Main Electric Panel?

Adding a new breaker to a home's main electrical panel is relatively easy even for someone with limited electrical experience. With just a flashlight and a screwdriver, you can easily add a 60 amp breaker to an electrical panel in 10 or 15 minutes.

  1. Locate space for the breaker

    Make sure the panel has at least two open spaces side-by-side. A 60 amp breaker is a double-pole breaker, which means that it requires two spaces in the main panel rather than just one.

  2. Shut off the main power breaker

    Locate the main power breaker in the panel. Usually, the main power breaker is the big breaker at the top of the panel. Before switching it off, have a flashlight handy as this action shuts off the electricity to the house. While flipping the main breaker shuts off power to the box, the two main wires coming into the box are still live. Take care to avoid these wires while working.

  3. Remove the panel cover

    Remove the screws around the perimeter of the panel cover, and carefully remove the panel cover to reveal the inside of the electrical panel.

  4. Snap the 60 amp breaker into place

    Most breakers are designed to snap quickly and easily into place. One side of the breaker has screws to attach the house wiring. Insert the side without screws into the empty slots in the panel so that the screw side faces toward the outer edge of the panel. Apply firm pressure until the breaker snaps into place.