What Are the Active Ingredients in Miracle Gro?

What Are the Active Ingredients in Miracle Gro?

Active ingredients in Miracle-Gro are urea phosphate, potassium chloride, sodium molybdate, ammonium phosphate, zinc sulfate, boric acid and chlorine. This commercial fertilizer mixture is mainly used for vegetable and flower growth.

Urea phosphate is a product of urea and orthophosphoric acid and is the main nitrogen-providing compound in Miracle-Gro. Urea phosphate contains 17 percent nitrogen and 44 percent phosphorous oxide. Nitrogen is critical in enabling proper plant development, especially leaf and stem growth. Plant flower development and photosynthesis are some of the aspects of plant growth that require phosphorous.

Potassium chloride is a micronutrient that helps the plant absorb and lose water, and contributes to sugar processing and cell division. This micronutrient also plays a critical part in increasing plant growth, resistance to cold and flower color enhancement. Sodium molybdate is important for water movement among the plant’s cells and the maintenance of ionic balance.

Ammonium phosphate, or monobasic, is a compound in Miracle-Gro that provides phosphorous and nitrogen macronutrients. The compound is vital in the provision of phosphorous, at 55 percent, to plants, and nitrogen, at 11 percent. Zinc sulfate plays an important role in carbohydrates metabolizing and proteins synthesizing, which help in the growth of plant hormones.

Boric acid is an important nutrient for pollen germination, flowering, cell division and seed development. Plants require boric acid to form cell membranes and walls and for the absorption of calcium. The copper sulfite in Miracle-Gro helps plants metabolize nitrogen, while chlorine is critical in mineral absorption and photosynthesis.