How Do You Acid Wash Clothing?


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Making acid-washed clothing requires rubber gloves, laundry bleach, a spray bottle, pumice stones and sodium bisulfate. Using bleach-soaked pumice stones creates a worn look, while using a bleach spray creates a faded look.

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How Do You Acid Wash Clothing?
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Start by soaking the pumice stones in bleach overnight. This allows the bleach to soak into the stones. Fill a spray bottle with two parts bleach and one part water. For a worn look, rub the bleach-soaked pumice stones over different areas of the clothing. Don't rub too hard. The bleach combined with the rubbing of the stone makes the clothes look worn. For a stronger fade, spray a small amount of the solution onto the areas that are supposed to fade. Let the bleach work for 10 to 15 minutes, but do not leave the bleach on too long. It eats at the fabric and ruins the clothing. To remove the bleach, put the clothing in the washing machine, and wash it on the small load setting. If possible, add sodium bisulfate to the load to get rid of the bleach and stop the fading process. Without sodium bisulfate, wash the clothing a couple of times to remove all the bleach. Dry the clothing in the dryer, and the acid-washed clothing is done.

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