What Are Some Accessories Available for Mr. Coffee Coffee Makers?


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Mr. Coffee accessories include coffee grinders and mills, water filtration disks and permanent coffee filters. Grinding coffee beans at home and filtering the water used to make coffee are both recommended to improve flavor. Permanent coffee filters reduce paper waste.

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Coffee beans are full of volatile flavor and aroma components, and once beans are ground, those components immediately begin to float into the air. Grinding coffee beans at home, just prior to brewing, helps ensure that the best flavors make their way to the pot, according to the New York Times. Mr. Coffee offers both burr mills and blade grinders. As of 2015, Mr. Coffee blade grinders cost between $17.99-24.99 at regular price; burr mills result in a more uniform grind, but cost more, at $49.99.

Mr. Coffee recommends its water filtration system for the best taste, claiming that it can remove up to 97% of chlorine. The system consists of a plastic frame that holds a replaceable filter disk; the frame rests in the brew basket of the coffeemaker. Filters need to be replaced after every 30 pots of coffee brewed. As of 2015, the disk and frame starter set costs $8.99 and a replacement disk costs $6.99. Finally, permanent coffee filters are available at $14.99 for a 4-cup model or $17.99 for a 10-12 cup model.

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