What Accessories Are Available for Bread Machines?

What Accessories Are Available for Bread Machines?

Some examples of accessories for bread machines include kneading paddles, pans, slicers, cutting boards, knives and baskets. Some accessories, such as paddles or blades, may only be compatible with certain types of bread machines.

Kneading paddles or blades are a necessary component of a bread machine. They are used to knead the dough. Though some form of paddle or blade is necessary for operation, it may be possible with some machine types to upgrade to a blade or paddle with a nonstick coating.

Slicers are used to quickly create even slices across an entire loaf. They are generally made of plastic or wood with steel blades.

Baskets and boxes are used to hold or display finished bread loaves. Boxes generally have a sliding lid of some sort and are usually made of wood or plastic.

Cutting boards are used to position the loaf and catch crumbs while slicing by hand. They are often made of bamboo or teak. A good accessory to pair with a cutting board is a bread knife. These knives are generally long and nearly flat and are specifically purposed to cut fresh bread.

Cookbooks for bread machines are also available. These books have recipes for different types of breads as well as pizza dough.