How Do You Access Whirlpool Duet Washer Fault Codes?

Whirlpool Duet washer fault codes can be found in the Duet repair guide, which can be found online on websites such as The Duet repair guide shows possible error codes, what the codes mean and the steps needed to correct each associated problem. The Duet repair guide also includes a troubleshooting guide, diagnostic test mode, test overview, error codes, component testing and wire diagram.

There are 14 possible error codes. For example, the F/H error code means that no water has been detected entering the washer machine or the pressure switch trip has not been detected. This error code is displayed if the control does not detect water entering the washing machine after 30 seconds of operation. This error code will also display if the water valves have been on for eight minutes and 10.5 gallons of water has loaded but the pressure switch has not been tripped.

If this error code is displayed, the pause/cancel button on the display needs to be pressed twice. If there is water in the unit, possible causes include no water in the unit, valves not turned on all the way, plugged or kinked inlet hoses and valves. If there is water in the unit, possible causes include a faulty pressure switch hose, siphon problem or harness disconnections.