How Do You Access a Roundup Herbicide Product Safety Data Sheet?


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As of 2016, product safety data sheets, or SDSs, for the Monsanto's Roundup series of herbicide products are available on Agrian.com and CDMS.net, according to Montsanto.com. Agrian is an agricultural data company that serves the United States and Canada, and CDMS.net is an international label database.

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On Agrian.com, click Label Lookup, and enter Roundup into the search field. The website may prompt you to designate your home country. Click any of the results, and then click Documents to review the SDS as PDF in English or Spanish. As of January 2016, Agrian.com has SDSs for 11 Monsanto Roundup products.

The SDSs contain state supplemental labeling when applicable. Although some of the SDSs date to 2011, they still agree with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration's 2015 guidelines for SDS format.

SDSs in PDF for Roundup herbicide are typically about 10 to 15 pages in length, including sections for hazards identification, information on ingredients, first aid measures, fire-fighting measures and accidental release measures. Handling, storage, exposure control, stability and reactivity are some other common SDS section headings.

To locate SDSs for Roundup herbicides on CDMS.net, click Label Database on the homepage. Search by brand name, and click the name of any Roundup herbicide to access further details. The link to the SDS in PDF is usually at the bottom of the list of each product's supplemental labels, which are also available in PDF form.

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