How Do You Access an MSDS Sheet for Comet Cleaner?


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Material Safety Data Sheets for Comet cleaners can be accessed through the Procter and Gamble website, PGPro.com. On the upper middle part of the page is the link, SDS. Clicking on it pulls up the SDS Search box where typing "Comet" brings up 11 options for Comet cleanser MSDS sheets.

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These sheets correspond to the different kinds of Comet cleaners, such as a deodorizing cream cleanser, liquid cleaners with bleach, and powder deodorizing cleanser. The consumer downloads the correct MSDS sheet by clicking on the View icon that corresponds to the correct product description, image or UPC number.

Comet contains calcium carbonate as its main scrubbing agent and calcium hydroxide as a pH adjuster. It also contains fragrance, colorant, sodium carbonate as sequestering agent, surfactant and bleach, according to Wikipedia. The product's MSDS sheets advise against mixing Comet with other cleaners and products containing acid or ammonia. Even if it is labeled as nonabrasive, the product label still advises consumers to use the product with plenty of water to avoid the risk of scratching delicate surfaces. Consumers must not use the product on painted surfaces, walls, soft plastic, rubber, aluminum or silver.

Prestige Brands distributes Comet products to home consumers in the United States; however, Procter and Gamble, the original manufacturer, retains the rights to market it to professional cleaners.

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